Forgotten Synths of the Antipodes #1

14 December 2015

Have I mentioned that Australia is very full of distractions?

Here's how distracting it is...

Before we came out here we bought a synth from a chap on eBay in Australia and had it delivered to a friend over here. No point in shipping it to the UK just to ship it back again. When we arrived, we picked it up.

That was about a year ago. It was only on Saturday that we realised that we still hadn't opened it - it's been wrapped up and sitting in the garage for over a year now.

Today I finally got around to unwrapping it - it's a Hammond 102100 from around 1975 (you can see and hear one here on YouTube). It needs a good clean but seems to be pretty intact apart from a few of the case screws being missing here and there.

Now if I could only remember where that Moog-designed Maestro Fuzz pedal we bought before coming out here is...

TAGS: Hammond - 102100 - Moog - Maestro - MFZ-1 - Effects - Synthesizer - Organ - Keyboard - Studio - Gear