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'Flood the streets with Art'! (Part 1)

24 November 2015

First batch of CDs ready to go to Caves Beach, Australia. I'll be making more over the next few days to leave at various other locations around Australia's Central Coast as part of the 'Flood the streets with Art' event.

The 'Flood the streets with Art' goal is simple: On BLACK FRIDAY (Nov. 27th, 2015) for every artist, human being, man, woman & child on our planet to drop one piece art they've created on the streets of their community for a random stranger to find, pick up, take home & love. Yes, for FREE.

If YOU want to get involved have a look at

There's the first physical CDs of 'The Listeners' in there - two related tracks, 'Woomera' and 'Jodrell Bank'. There's already a preview of 'Woomera' available via the website / SoundCloud, and 'Jodrell Bank' will be there too after Friday.

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