Storm over Studio-to-be

26 April 2015

We were going to kick off last week with some pictures of the new Studio-to-be, but before it could be posted we had a wee bit of a storm here, which somehow managed to leave us without power for the rest of the week. Sheesh!

(So much for finishing off the new website!)

It could have been worse. If you look at the top right corner of the first picture you can just see a gum tree poking in. At 2.30 in the morning we had to drain the swimming pool because it was in danger of overflowing, and as we did we could hear the tree groaning and creaking as it moved in the wind - the main trunk was moving several inches in all directions.

By the morning the tree had pretty much split in half. There was only one direction it could fall without damaging the studio, or crashing into the kitchen of the main house, or falling into the pool. It managed to do that and narrowly miss all three

Over here the government is calling this a disaster - but then you only need to look at what's happening in Kathmandu to see what a disaster REALLY is.

For all sorts of reasons I think we were very fortunate this week.

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