A Little More Detail

17 April 2015

Audible Smile has outwardly been a bit quiet over the last couple of years. Lots of stuff seemed to get in the way.

We have still been making music though. Lots of music. Lots and lots and lots. We just didn't get around to finishing most of it due to stuff (see above), waiting for the Holy Grail of 'The New Studio', and constantly getting distracted by playing with new toys and writing new music every time we sat down.

Oh, and we also moved to Australia from the UK as well.

We've got that New Studio now though, but it won't be up and running for a while - it's basically just a building shell right now with most of the gear stored in it. It's going to need a new floor, walls, maybe even a roof, soundproofing, air-conditioning, cabling... it's not an endless list, but the end certainly isn't in sight at the moment.

In the meantime what we can do is set up a temporary mixing rig to finish off lots of the tracks. Most just need balancing and polishing, and we can always hook a guitar or a synth up if we need to here and there.

We're also polishing up the web stuff - a spiffy new web site with proper links to streaming services and so on. That should be up in the next week or so.

We've also loaded up previews of some of the unfinished tracks for feedback. There's quite a backlog!

But we're back now.

Picture: 'Paddock C', 2014.

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