Still Packing

12 October 2014

As you can see, we're still packing. Boxes and cases fill our dreams - or are they nightmares? It seems never-ending.

Here's a few random shots of stuff getting packed. Above is a Korg 900PS in it's spiffily reconditioned flightcase, ready for the off.

One way or another we're trying to protect everything as much as possible - here we can see a couple of Roland MC-202s, padded in their original boxes, which are then loaded into a foam-lined flightcase. (And a cheeky Roland D2 is trying to sneakily photobomb them.)

Here's some Behringer BCR2000s and BCF2000s snuggling cosily in their case, waiting for shipping:

Even the big boys have to share. This is the Eowave Persephone and the Sequentix Cirklon and all it's CVIO gear ready to travel:

Lastly, a whole bunch of keyboards in their natty new flightcases courtesy of Swan Flight - the CME UF80, the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, the Moog Minimoog Model D, the Sequentix Cirklon and the Eowave Persephone, and the keyboard for the Roland System 100m. Smart!

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