'Satellites Cry' /
Oramix Official Results

08 April 2012


They've only gone and given us a page on the Science Museum website. Brilliant!

You might remember that when the entry phase of the Oramix competition closed the leading entry in the 'Top Tracks' section was... 'Satellites Cry'!

The entries have now been announced - and we didn't win. Boo!

However, some very complimentary things were said by some rather famous judges like:

"Has a strong mood, and the sort of mysteriousness that Daphne liked."


"A beautiful ambient piece."

We're working on getting th IP rights back on it - but meantime, if you want to hear what Eno and DJ Spooky are on about, get yourself over to the 'Satellites Cry' page, or play it from the player above.

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